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Teotihuacan from the sky

Witness Majesty from Above: Teotihuacan's Skybound Odyssey!

Teotihuacan from the sky

Embark on an extraordinary adventure in Teotihuacan from the Sky, where ancient wonders and breathtaking views create an unforgettable experience. Marvel at the expansive Teotihuacan Valley and its iconic archaeological site as you ascend in a graceful hot air balloon. Commemorate the journey with a celebratory toast and indulge in a delightful Mexican breakfast. Explore the Pyramids of the Feathered Serpent, the Sun, and the Moon on a guided tour. Refuel with traditional tlacoyos and savor a taste of mezcal in a mystical cave. Delve into the hidden depths of Teotihuacan with a guided tour of tunnels and caves. Bid farewell at the iconic Monument to the Revolution. Book now and let Teotihuacan captivate your heart and soul with its beauty and magic.

Duration: 11 hours

Price: $ 5200.00 MXN

Location: Teotihuacán Mexico

Age: 4 years and older

Hot air balloon flight in Teotihuacan
  • Hotel & accomodation pickup

  • Transportation to the hot air balloon port

  • Ride in the hot air balloon

  • Toast

  • Mexican breakfast

  • Transportation to the archaelogical area

  • Entry ticket to the archaeological area

  • Entry tickets to the caves

  • Guided tour inside the archaeological zone and caves

  • Food & Water at lunchtime

  • Transportation back to the meeting point (Monumento a la Revolución)

Full description

Embark on an extraordinary adventure, Teotihuacan from the Sky, where ancient wonders and breathtaking views come together for an unforgettable experience. Imagine being picked up before dawn and transported to the hot air balloon port, ready to take flight.

Ready for an Exclusive Adventure?

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our Private Experience! Enjoy all the perks of Teotihuacan from the sky, plus exclusive transportation to and from your destination. With only your select group in attendance, you'll have the entire adventure tailored to your preferences, creating cherished memories together. Don't miss this opportunity for a truly personalized and intimate exploration.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is designed to provide flexibility for our customers while ensuring the smooth operation of our tours. Please familiarize yourself with the following details:

  • Where is the pickup location?
    We will meet at Monumento a la Revolución at the specified time.
  • What is included in the lunch?
    Lunch includes traditional Mexican Tlacoyos, water and a taste of Mezcal
  • Can I climb the pyramids?
    Climbing some pyramids may be prohibited, but you can enjoy breathtaking views from their base.
  • How can I book my tour?
    You can easily book your tour through our website.
  • Is the tour conducted in English?
    Yes, the tour is conducted entirely in English for your convenience.
  • What time is the return to Monumento a la Revolución (Mexico City)?
    We aim to return by 4:30 pm, but please note that unexpected events may cause slight delays.
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