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Your Custom Adventure Awaits!

Discover the Magic of Teotihuacan with Our Corporate Tours!

Welcome to our specialized section for companies seeking to explore the majesty of Teotihuacán and create a unique experience for their teams. In our corporate tour, we offer an exciting blend of history, adventure, and culture, specifically designed to cater to the needs and preferences of your company.

Our basic offer includes:


Comfortable and safe transportation: We take care of bringing your team from their place of origin to the enigmatic lands of Teotihuacán. Don't worry about transportation; we've got it all covered.


Guided visit to the archaeological zone: Our expert guides will lead you through the mysterious remnants of the ancient city of the gods. Discover the history, myths, and legends that surround this sacred place.


Lunch in a cave: How about relishing a delicious meal in a unique natural setting? Enjoy a special lunch inside an authentic cave, surrounded by the mystical atmosphere of Teotihuacán.


Exploration of tunnels and caves: Venture into the depths of the earth and uncover the hidden secrets lying beneath the surface. An experience that combines history and excitement.

The highlight is that this private tour can be entirely personalized to meet your company's specific desires and expectations. We can enrich the basic experience with a wide range of additional activities, such as:

  • Hot air balloon flight

  • Temazcal (prehispanic steam bath)

  • Dining at La Gruta restaurant

  • Team collaborative activities

  • Mexica dancers

  • And more.....

Don't wait any longer to make Teotihuacán an unforgettable experience for your company. Contact us now and let's unleash our imagination to create a unique and meaningful adventure that will unite your team on an unforgettable journey to Mexico's glorious past. We welcome you with open arms to Teotihuacán!

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